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Controls, panels, displays and indicating instruments (optionally NVIS capable) for simulation systems

Quality, commitment and a highly motivated workforce. This combination makes simsystems a globally recognised company in the lightpanel industry.


Upon request, we manufacture to strict military and commercial standards. Our company philosophy emphasises a fast, professional response to our customers' needs through a system of defined process controls that ensure a final product that meets or exceeds your requirements.

One of our key specialities, is expertise in the design and manufacture of illuminated control panels that meet night vision compatibility requirements. Our product range includes all types of control panels and meets the strict specifications for NVIS illumination.


In conjunction with our illuminated panels, we also manufacture a comprehensive range of NVG compatible lighting fixtures designed to meet the diverse requirements associated with cockpit conversions and new installations. These include pillar/post lights, lighting bridges, instrument lighting bezels and indicator lights.

Our NVIS products are in use by many military and civilian services, around the world. simsystems is known throughout the industry for providing solutions to our customers' demanding requirements, delivering quality products and meeting production and delivery targets at competitive prices.

Manufacturing processes according to aviation standards

All backlit lightplates are manufactured in Germany according to aviation standards. Difference: we do not use aviation-approved Plexiglas.


After the creation of the 3D data, the design of the PCB layouts and the creation of the CAM files for the milling machine and the marking laser, we produce on modern milling and laser engraving machines. Final assembly is carried out by our specialised staff. All products are strictly checked for function and appearance before sale.

The use of advanced manufacturing processes combined with highly skilled production personnel and tightly controlled internal process specifications ensures that the panels meet all standard and application specifications.

The individual production steps in detail:

  1. 2-3 side milling of the Plexiglas on a 3D High Speed Cutting centre to round off the edges.
  2. Tempering of the milled parts in the oven at 90 degrees to reduce the stresses in the Plexiglas.
  3. Fitting the 0.5 mm circuit board with light bulbs or LEDs with series resistors.
  4. Quality inspection and function test of the backlighting boards
  5. Painting of the backside with special laser lacquer in translucent white
  6. Painting of the front side with special laser lacquer in translucent white
  7. Quality check of the uniformity of the varnish and light distribution by means of a test installation board
  8. Possibly repainting with airbrush gun to avoid hotspots
  9. Painting of rear side with special laser paint in opaque black
  10. Painting of the front side with special laser paint in opaque black
  11. If not black, lacquer with special laser lacquer in final colour
  12. Milling of the back side, widening of the light exit openings by 0.05 mm
  13. Laser marking with fibre laser (removal of 2 layers of lacquer, final colour and black) and free engraving for button illumination down to the surface.
  14. Hot pressing of brass inserts for M2 into the backside to fix the PCB.
  15. Installation of the circuit board and function test

Backplate manufacturing process

The individual production steps in detail:

  1. Milling or CNC laser cutting of the backplates from 1.5 - 3mm AlMg3
  2. Countersinking of the DZUS mounting holes and the holes for mounting of spacers and press-in nuts with 90 degree countersinks
  3. Pressing in M3 or M4 press-in nuts for lightplate mounting
  4. Priming with special aluminium primer
  5. Painting Final colour

Repair and refurbish original lightplates

We repair your original lightplates, rework them on request or redesign them. We apply the same quality standards as for the production of our other products.


We offer cost-effective reaparations that can be delivered quickly. We can provide the quality, material properties and service to suit your individual requirements. Reading instruments can be vital, so it is important that panels are clear and accurate. When restoring and refurbishing your panels and instruments, modifications can also be made.

 Contact us now.  Talk to us. We will be happy to advise you!


Individual panels according to customer requirements

As we specialise in small series and individual production and have all production steps under one roof, individual customer requests are our daily business.


From the first drawing to the finished product, all processes are geared towards quality and efficiency. We manufacture your product according to drawings or replicate an existing original.

Original components

Discover now our detailed instruments, switches, buttons and other simulation equipment, sorted by aircraft type.

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Flight simulation systems for training purposes

simsystems is your partner for professional training flight simulator systems. Put your backrest upright, fasten your seatbelt and get to know our possibilities now.


Desktop solutions

From simple desktop solutions, to the fully integrated cockpit environment, simsystems offers a wide range of cockpit concepts for entertainment and educational training. With the desktop solution, almost any aircraft can be realised according to your specifications. With or without MFD integration, these are perfect for mission training or demonstration.


IPT devices, Public

Our IPT systems give students a first impression of the interaction of complex aircraft systems and the use of BITE and ACARS pages for maintenance and repair. These units can be designed as "flyable" or "non-flyable" demonstrators.


Entertainment systems

Our entertainment systems are designed to meet the wishes and requirements of operators and their customers. They are low-maintenance, reliable and configured for carefree flying experiences.


For hotels and cruise ships, we also have theme-specific scenarios in our portfolio.

These simulation scenarios allow you, for example, to make a sightseeing flight over the Alps or a flight with landing on a Caribbean island, depending on your location.

Fighter - Entertainment Systems

Our single-seater cockpits offer your customers lots of fun flying in legendary historic birds or a supersonic jet. It is possible to simulate a 1o1 dogfight with 2 customers in 2 single-seater cockpits in the dual units. Especially suitable for hotels, simulation centres, casinos and amusement parks.


In-house development "Simbus" - decentralised solution for simulators and machine control

The decentralised topology of the simbus® CAN system reduces the complexity of the cabling and lowers the necessary maintenance effort in simulation systems and in the industrial sector.


Central elements of the simbus® CAN system are small, universally applicable LRUs (Line Replaceable Units). The I/O units can control and manage almost all peripheral devices via CAN bus. Integrated hardware watchdogs monitor the LRU's and restart affected units after faults.

The optimised form factor enables integration directly at the periphery. The classic single-wire cabling to the control cabinet is no longer necessary. A combined data/power cable is used. This not only simplifies design and production, but also minimises weight, costs and maintenance requirements.

The modular design allows for quick replacement of the units during operation (hot-plug system).

  • Maintenance and malfunction-related downtimes are avoided.
    Our ISU - (In-System-Update) for firmware updates requires no disassembly of the units.
    Developed in close cooperation with our customers for systems with the highest requirements for availability and maintenance.

The simbus® system is based on an automotive CAN bus conforming to the CAN2.0B Active specification. Various protocols are supported, including CANaerospace and CANopen. However, customer-specific protocols can also be implemented.