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Ready for your professional laser inscription

As a service provider in the field of industrial engraving, we process your orders with the latest fibre laser technology while adhering to tight tolerances. We are also your partner when things have to be done very quickly. We process all common file formats and convert content from Excel or Word into consecutive numbers, text or barcodes.


We would be happy to provide you with samples and an individual offer.


Our processes for your new type plate, machine plate, company or door plate:

Laser engraving metal

There are two processes for laser engraving on metal, tempering and deep engraving. In tempering, the metal is heated and changes colour. The surface remains untouched.


In deep engraving, the material is melted and vaporised. For refined surfaces such as anodised aluminium or chrome-plated surfaces, we lightly remove the surface. 

Laser engraving plastic

Laser marking of plastics creates a colour change through a structural change in the surface. Compared to conventional methods such as printing, the marking is durable, abrasion-resistant and tamper-proof.


  • We cut and mark PMMA (acrylic glass) with our CO2 laser in one operation.

Day/night design with laser engraving

Day-night design is a special laser engraving process. This technology is mainly used in the automotive industry. But other branches of industry also use this technique, where switches with markings, panels with the finest scaling are used.


The material basis of the day-night design is transparent plastics. From the individual switch head to the complete switch console, great precision is placed on the application of laser markings. After laser engraving, the original light-coloured plastic or the top layer of lacquer emerges.

Laser-printed foils and labels

Inscribable laser labels are particularly resistant to chemical and mechanical stresses. We inscribe and perforate them with our modern laser systems. This gives them an irreversible, forgery-proof marking. 


  • Special shapes are also possible

Only branded products from renowned manufacturers are used as raw materials for label production. For detailed product information, please contact the respective suppliers or us. We will be happy to advise you on the suitability of the materials.

The labels are available with consecutive numbers and/or with common barcodes or data matrix codes. Individual number sequences or variable lists can also be inserted from Excel or Word.